WebCAT workshop – in Charleston, South Carolina

The Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (SECOORA) hosted a WebCAT workshop in November in Charleston, SC as part of the workshop titled Exploring Applications, Opportunities and Challenges to using Webcams for Environmental Monitoring.

The NOAA NOS Web Camera Applications Testbed (WebCAT) is a short-term project that is installing web cameras in five locations for various purposes – counting right whales, spotting rip currents, validating wave run up models, understanding human use of natural resources and more. This unique project is a public-private partnership leveraging the expertise and capabilities of private, nonprofit and public sectors. At this workshop, Axiom’s Dave Foster presented the role of the Axiom team in the overall project. Dave discussed how we retrieve the archival video footage from each station and make it available alongside live camera streams. Visit here for more information.

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