OCEANS 2018 Conference in Charleston, South Carolina

This year’s OCEANS Conference took place from October 22-25 in Charleston, South Carolina.
There were 31 participants representing federal, state, NGO, university and international organizations. Here Axiom’s Kyle Wilcox, Stacey Buckelew and Brian Stone attended the conference. Kyle Wilcox presented a workshop on Data Access for the Southeast US Coasts and Oceans: An introduction and Demonstration of the SECOORA Data Portal and Service Offerings.

The Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (SECOORA) maintains an end-to-end data system that supports stakeholders in the ocean science community throughout the data lifecycle: from immediately after data collection, through analysis and synthesis, visualization, and decision making, to data publication and reuse. Without delving too deeply into technical details, the Axiom team discussed the design approach, system architecture, implementation, and use of the product. Axiom showed users how to discover, access, and analyze coastal data in the Southeast US through the SECOORA Data System for research, recreation, management, or curiosity. Visit here for more information about this conference.

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