CeNCOOS Next Gen Portal (V2.7) Now Live

Building on many years of stakeholder feedback, CeNCOOS and its technical partner, Axiom Data Science, have been working on a significant overhaul to the CeNCOOS Data Portal . The updated map gives users access to new features as well as a revamped design to get more out of the CeNCOOS real-time data services. With this latest release, the map has migrated to a new framework that is more responsive and adaptable to long time series from stations, as well as being updated with more advanced discovery and sharing capabilities. The map offers sophisticated charting abilities, including comparisons between data sources, binning by time, and plotting of climatologies and anomalies. Additionally, ocean profiling sensors have been updated to show depth charts, interpolation via kriging, and 4D interactive charts. This new portal also features Data Views which are user-created compilations of sensor outputs to spotlight environmental events or geographic locations. Users can create make own data views using real-time, biological, or other environmental data to explore trends and to store or save those views with others.

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