IOOS DMAC Workshop

This year’s IOOS Data Management and Communications (DMAC) Meeting took place from May 21-23 at the Silver Spring Civic Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. The meeting was a chance for data managers from all of the different IOOS Regional Associations and other groups to get together and discuss a wide range of topics from data quality control to web analytics. Here Axiom’s Rob Bochenek, Kyle Wilcox, Stacey Buckelew, and Jessica Austin presented on several topics, including the IOOS Environmental Sensor Map , the MBON data portal , the IOOS Animal Telemetry Network’s Data Assembly Center (DAC) , the SECOORA WebCat- Live Cameras and Historic Feeds , and more! The meeting was a great opportunity to share experience and demonstrate new technologies with other data managers and helps foster the already strong IOOS-DMAC community. Visit here for more information about this and past meetings.


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