Axiom Welcomes IOOS Directors to Alaska!

Last week the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®) held their fall meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, hosted by the Alaska Ocean Observing System. The meetings brought together directors from the IOOS Association, the IOOS Program Office, the 11 IOOS Regional Associations, and various NOAA offices. Discussions were focused on multiple facets of a national ocean data strategy, including future priorities, data gaps, and how to expand ocean observation capabilities. We were excited to participate in the meeting and had the opportunity to host an afternoon session in our office where we demoed some of our latest developments, including national products for the IOOS Program Office, interactive 4D ocean visualizations, and reproducible Jupyter Notebooks in a collaborative, computational workspace. The meeting culminated in an Axiom-IOOS ping pong match on the conference table. We won’t say who won; only that there is more in Axiom’s future than fine-tuning ocean data.

Thanks to the entire IOOS team for visiting us in Alaska. We look forward to many more prosperous years together!

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