We're Hiring! Environmental Data Scientist for the Anchorage office

Environmental Data Scientist

Axiom Data Science seeks an Environmental Data Scientist to join our existing team of professionals who are developing and applying the latest technical solutions to solve geoscientific data management challenges. This is a mid-level career opportunity for an individual who can contribute to the data science domains through prior experience handling and analyzing marine, atmospheric or geospatial data using open-source computational tools such as Python, PostgreSQL, and R. The duties for this position are focused on contributing to the translation of scientific data into end-user products through capture, processing, and data services routines for various scientific data types. More information can be found in the position description.

This position is based in the Anchorage office and will work in direct collaboration with other members of the Axiom team.

Send questions or applications to careers@axds.co by October 12, 2018.

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