We are Loving the Northwest Arctic Borough’s Digital Atlas Videos!

Axiom and Alaska Ocean Observing System partnered with the Northwest Arctic Borough (NWAB) to recently complete a Digital Atlas for their Subsistence Mapping Project. Subsistence hunters and gatherers in the Arctic are valuable knowledge holders of environmental information in their area. Incorporating their traditional ecological knowledge with other physical, ecological and socioeconomic information can offer planners, managers, and communities a deeper understanding of the Arctic environment and its subsistence resources.

To make important information from the region publicly available, a digital atlas was developed that includes a subsistence map layer, mapped Inupiaq place names, and important ecological areas. The atlas was coupled with instructional videos on how to find, explore, and understand mapped information. If you haven’t already, you can check out the videos made by the NWAB below. Spoiler alert: there might be a surprise cameo by Axiom’s own CEO, Rob Bochenek. Thanks NWAB—keep up the good work. We love ‘em!

Subsistence Mapping Intro Video

Subsistence Mapping Instructional Video

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