Introducing Ian Gill as Axiom’s Metadata Technician

We are pleased to introduce Ian Gill as the new metadata technician at Axiom Data Science. Ian joined the team August 1 to focus initially on metadata services for NPRB annual projects. Ian has over 10 years of field experience and has most recently worked at Alaska Department of Fish and Game as the statewide editor for scientific and technical fisheries reports, where he coordinated reporting standards among dozens of biologists all over the state and curated a report archive that goes back almost 30 years. Additionally, Ian has spent many years working as a field biologist studying bear foraging behavior at the Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory and the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary. With his extensive science editing experience coupled with a research background, we believe Ian will make a strong addition to the Axiom-NPRB data management team. When not in the office, Ian, who is both an accomplished napper and a coffee snob, can usually be found writing haikus, hitting contested three-pointers at the buzzer, or reading Tumble Bumble to his daughter (again). Welcome to Axiom, Ian!

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